Bridge2Hissab: Your Personal Digital Bahi-Khata

Feb. 8, 2021

By Xtracap India

Sharmaji ka small business chalta hai ekdum tanatan , kaise? 

Yes, this question is asked by all his friends and well-wishers; especially within his business circle – the neighboring shopkeepers, suppliers, and many others. Everyone wonders: First he got his small business running great and now his business accounting is perfect too, how come? Who else, but only Sharmaji can shed some light on the secret behind his successful business and small business accounting.  

As you are aware, Sharmaji now runs a very profitable kirana store. Yet early on just a year back, while running his small business, Sharmaji faced many problems; one of which was the maintenance of his small business’ accounts. Like his father and grandfather, he too had kept a traditional bahi khata, in which he or one of his assistants would note down the shop’s daily transactions or business accounting. Whenever Sharmaji sat down to list his small business accounts at the end of each month, something or the other would bother him in accounting - either a wrong entry, an incorrect name, missing details or payments forgotten to be added! Book-keeping and accounting of his small business was not only troublesome and tiresome but also filled with doubts. Once, he caught one of his assistants cheating, altering records to make some money on sly. Another time, his small son spilled his Pepsi on his Khatabook! Then to top it, whenever Sharmaji approached banks for small business loans, his application got rejected. Reason: Unverifiable financial records and no proper business accounting. 

No banker was willing to lend him money because his small business accounting details could not be supported by any verifiable documents or data. Banks and formal financial institutions do not trust small business on account of poor bookkeeping as their financial records cannot be verified.  Hence, most small business approach Local money lenders for short term loans but at very high interest rates. Sharmaji had seen many small businesses getting closed due to absence of affordable financial support. All these businesses required was just having verifiable financial data. Facing loan rejections, paying high interest rates and seeing money losses regularly, proved too much for Sharmaji.   

Driving away those painful thoughts, Sharmaji then fondly recalls how one fine day he took his friend’s advice which totally changed the fate of his small business; through a working capital loan from Bridge2Cpital. He always hoped the same kind of help would improve his accounting too. Curious, we asked what his friend had suggested. Simple, he said: Go digital with Bridge2Capital.  

Bridge2Capital? Yes, says Sharmaji nodding happily. Proudly, he shows us his mobile app from the fintech company which helped his small business become profitable. How exactly Bridge2Capital helps small businesses, you can read my other story, says Sharmaji.  

But right now, he is more concerned about solving his accounting problem! Thoughts of ‘accounting’, ‘accounting’, ‘accounting,’ cluttered his mind... You should see him while calculating his small business accounts. Seeing his headaches, we get one! We do hope Bridge2Capital helps to solve his problem. So, on an optimistic note, Sharmaji calls Bridge2Capital’s helpline number to see if they could help solve his small business accounting issue. Just a call and Sharmaji’s accounting problems got resolved.

Guess, the universe heard his prayers; because a week later we found Sharmaji smiling broadly and he even treated us to chai, samosas and jalebis!  

What happened???  

Excitedly Sharmaji tells us that his small business accounting problem has been solved. Eh! How? Thanks to Bridge2Capital’s new product, Bridge2Hissab!!! 

Sharmaji happily introduced us to Bridge2Hissab which is specially built for small businesses and their accounting needs. Bridge2Hissab is within the Bridge2Capital app itself. So, there is no need to download another application for your accounting needs. Just click on Bridge2Hissab, available in the menu. On hearing this we told him that there are lots of accounting apps like this in the market for small businesses. Sharmaji just nodded wisely and started telling us about his chat with Bridge2Capital where he was informed about their new product arrival, then he checked similar others in the market. After trying out several accounting apps available, he found the features in Bridge2Hissab more suited to his small business needs. 

Now let us help you make your business accounting as simple as Sharmaji’s by telling you all he told us about Bridge2Hissab: 


The Bridge2Hissab app is designed with upmost importance given to the consumers in Bharat. It is available in various Indian languages and can be used by every small shop-owners to convert their manual khatabook digital and with easier. The app will be available in 9 different Indian languages. 



Gone are those days when you forgot your pending amounts. Now with Bridge2Hissab, you can set reminders for any upcoming payments or incomes. So save your time and remove the bother of searching for transactions manually in your khatabook. The app will remind you and party concerned of any pending hissab. 

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Recording a transaction against a name is not enough for a shopkeeper. As a shopkeeper, you come across many customers with the same name! and it is difficult to remember who is who. Bridge2Hissab provides a unique solution to this problem. Now you can add the associations as owner, employee, customer, tenant, friend, relative, etc. which will help you to map your transactions and remember the same more accurately. 

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These are the 3 most valuable features for any shopkeeper when it comes to his/her books of accounts. Bridge2Hissab offers a completely safe digital version of your khatabook, and will also be verifiable since the app promotes bank transactions with the option to save the UTR number. Bridge2Hissab also gives the customer an option to get affordable small business loans in 6 -12 months on the basis of verified transactions: verified financial data through Bank created by the app. 


Bridge2Hissab allows you as a shopkeeper to keep records of bill, receipt, acknowledgement from your customers by just taking one click, the photo will help provide proof of the transaction in the future, if required.



With Bridge2Hissab you get access to auto-generated daily/monthly reports of your business transactions FREE OF COST. Bridge2Hissab analyses your transactions and shares your reports with you. It helps you to track each transaction of your business and plan more appropriately for your working capital needs, and to take correct expansion decisions. 

As Sharmaji informed us since Bridge2Hissab is from Bridge2Capital family, one can trust it to work perfectly. Also, he shared another big news: soon Bridge2Capital team will enable online payment collections and open a business bank account in the app itself. Everyone is very excited. No wonder, Sharmaji is looking happier and smarter. All that accounting tension has finally gone from his face! Smilingly, Sharmaji points at his beloved app.

You too can solve your small business problems swiftly and happily like Sharmaji, be it accounting, loans or insurance. Just click here to know