Bridge2Capital Insurance: Better Be Safe Than Sorry!

March 30, 2021

By Xtracap India

“Sharmaji, Sharmaji, where are you? I need to thank you personally.” Guptaji, almost rushing.

“What happened Guptaji, is everything fine?” asked Sharmaji, seeing his friend’s flushed face and fast pace.

“Arre, how can I thank you, Sharmaji. Last week a short circuit set off a fire and my shop along with others in Main Lines Chowk caught fire. My week’s supply had just arrived that day. All went up in smoke!”

“Oh God! Is everything and everyone fine?” Sharmaji was shocked at hearing the news. But he noticed, Guptaji didn’t look worried but very jolly! Eh… Did the fire short circuit his brain too, Sharmaji wondered.

“Arre, Sharmaji, everything is fine. Thank God I took your advice and got my shop insured. The insurance has taken care of my shop’s loss. It is as if the fire never happened. My shop, my livelihood, my life … SAVED. I can never thank you enough.”

Then the penny dropped. Last year, a small theft had occurred at poor Gupatji’s shop. Seeing his friend’s blood pressure shoot up, Sharmaji had advised him to take shop insurance. He recalled the episode clearly.

“What is the use of shop insurance now? Chori toh ho gayi,” said a then agitated Guptaji. “Yes,” said a calm Sharmaji, “But in future you can protect your business from any such unfortunate events. Business insurance will provide protection.”

“I am not so sure. Will the insurance company pay quickly and easily? I also think it will be another expensive drain. Insurance premium ka paisa bharo, par time pe paisa milega bhi ya nahi, kya pata? Why take another headache with all the complicated insurance paperwork. Anyway, I will be more careful, and nothing will happen,” said Guptaji.

Shaking his head, Sharmaji explained: Our misconception over expenses, absence of trust, lack of understanding and neglect are the reasons why India’s insurance penetration is still a cause of concern. As per Economic Survey 2020-2021 penetration of life insurance in India is at 3.76%, way below the global average of 7.23%. While the non-life segment is a further low at 0.94%. Most of us end up seeing the smaller picture and ignore the larger canvas.

Nowadays insurance premiums are not expensive. You can select your insurance plan as per your requirements. To care of our health, we say okay to health insurance. Then same logic applies to our business and shops too. Just like in the case of health insurance if any unforeseen accidents or illnesses occurs, then the hefty hospitalization bills are paid by the insurance providers, similarly, business insurance can protect your shop from any unexpected dangers. Along with your health, get your shop’s health insured too. Why? See the benefits:

Benefits of Shop Insurance:

  • Ensures security and safety: First and foremost, in today’s uncertain world, insurance safeguards your business against unknown risks and perils.

  • Increases stability of business: Insurance provides the much-needed financial stability to your business/shop as it significantly reduces risks and unexpected expenses.

  • Provides peace of mind: Insurance removes the ‘what will happen’ tension, and you can comfortably concentrate on building your business further. During difficult times, having insurance significantly reduces your stress. See it this way, you will be paying lesser hospital bills!

  • Instils savings habit: You regularly deposit a small amount, which automatically ensures a reserve fund to be used in time of need.

  • Easier to get loans: A trader easily gets loans if your stock or property is insured, as insurance proves your business to be credit worthy, i.e., provides a sense of security to the lenders.

  • Helps to get tax saving benefits: To make insurance more attractive amongst people, tax saving benefits are available for the premium paid.

“Listen, I am just sharing the good that happened with me. I took business insurance from our Bridge2Capital people. Thankfully during COVID-19 they came out with Bridge2Health, providing coverage for businesses as well as health. After listening to the advantages of Bridge2Heath’s shop insurance, you decide for yourself,” said Sharmaji to Guptaji.

Bridge2Health’s insurance plan has been tailor-made for small businesses:

  • Covers financial loss in case of unfortunate incidents, such as fires, earthquakes, floods, riots, burglaries.
  • Protects businesses from key risks of damage or theft of stock plus other incidents which can adversely impact your business.
  • Safeguards you, the shopkeeper, against any financial crisis due to any unexpected accidents in the shop.
  • Insurance minimises losses due to specified adverse events.
  • Customizes your shop insurance plan as per your business needs.
  • Secure and transparent digital platform.
  • Value for money as our insurance plans helps keep your business up and running. 

“Sharmaji…!!!” Our dear Sharmaji came back to the present from his recollection, only to find his hands gripped tightly by Gupatji. “I can never thank you enough my friend, for having my best interests in your heart. I am very glad I took your advice and took shop insurance via Bridge2Health. After the incident I felt hopeless, but I simply called, and to me it was unbelievable. The claim process was immediate and seamless. Thanks to you and Bridge2Health, even after such a horrific incident, I am smiling. To my other friends I too give the same advice as I received, please take insurance. Safeguard the good health of your life and your business.”

“Chalo, that’s decided then. Today’s chai, samosa treat is from Guptaji’s side,” says a smiling Sharmaji, as he, our neighbourhood business wonder, and Guptaji walk towards Mithaiwala, merrily shouting “Jai ho Bridge2Capital! Jai ho Bridge2Health!”

You too can smile your way towards a safe and stress-free business, just click here.